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7" LES ABLETTES..Un Amour Propre / Spontanete Zero (French '80 Orig.7",ABLETTES/1980-1,
Fantastic punk from France.It's their super-rare first 7",pressed on their own label.
I guess only a few hundred copies were ever made.One track appears on one of the KILLED
BY FEATH comps.WOBC.激Rareな1枚.Ultra hard to find!Again,Super fantastic punk!)........
7" ABRASIVE WHEELS..Banner Of Hope/Law Of The Jungle
(UK '83 Orig.7", CLAY/CLAY28, this is thei 5th single. Gt.UK Punk classics)
12" ABRASIVE WHEELS.. The Prisoner (UK '84 Orig.3tr 12", CLAY/12CLAY33, ストレートな青春Punk!
Backing Vocals,Cutting Guitarがカッコイイ青春もの.初期ALARMに匹敵する内容.).................
7" AIL SYMUDIAS..Lleisiau O'r Gorffennol / Dilyn Y Sebon (UK '82 Orig.7",Fflach/RFAS009,
Really very hard to find. Soooo catchy powerpop. It's their best and their rarest 7".
"Dilyn Y Sebon" appears POWERPEARLS #9. This song includes all elements of powerpop
classisc.Extremely melodic and very charming. "Lleisiau O'r Gorffennol" is super fine
harmony powerpop/guitarpop. Both songs are great pop. GRAHAM FELLOWSファン必聴の鬼Pop!)..
LP ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS..Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias (French '76 Orig.LP,
COBRA/COB37003, This is their debut album & very nice french pressing on COBRA.
Killer Punk "FUCK YOU"でお馴染みの彼らのデビューアルバムです。PUNK前夜のごちゃ混ぜに
したおバカなセンス炸裂のPowerpop. 針を落とした瞬間はDISCO調でアレアレと思っていると、
7" ALIEN KULTURE..Asian Youth / Culture Crossover (UK '80 Orig.7",RARA/LRAR1,Great one here!
Rare one here!"Asian Youth" is phenomenal melody punk with great aaahhhaaa's in the
background and brilliant STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-like guitar riffs.Their only 7" release.).
7" AMBER SQUAD..(I Can't)Put My Finger On You / Tell You A Lie (UK '80 Orig.7",S+T/ST1,
Super fantastic Mod/Powerpop!Brilliant catchy melodies and energetic powerful sounds!
This is their 1st 7" of two 7"s.鬼Mod/Powerpop!歴史的内容の激Rare盤が良Condition入荷.
A面はSuper catchyなModdy pop!サビで鳥肌が総立ちです!掛け合いVocalsが最高です.
B面はHi-tention&speedy energetic powerpop!思わず体が動き出し飛び跳ねてしまう傑作です.)
7" MARK ANDREWS AND THE GENTS..Does It Get To You (Like It Gets To Me) / Let Yourself Go
(UK '80 Orig.7", A&M/AMS7539, Super fantastic mods. Catchy summertime melodies.
PRODUCEはPOP MANIAならご存知SIMON BOSWELLです.)......................................
LP ANTI..I Don't Want To Die In Your War (US '82 Orig.LP, NEW UNDERGROUND/NU-22, Very rare
"Loud" Hard Core Punk from Carifornia with fast guitars,very melodic. It's their 1st
Album. 12songs - 12 stompers.High recommended HC PUNK!)................................
7" ANY TROUBLE..Trouble With Love / She'll Belong To Me (UK '81 Orig.7", STIFF/BUY119,
文句無しの高水準Powerpop. Pop職人の仕事ぶりに脱帽.)..................................
7" APARTMENT..The Car / Winter
(UK '80 Orig.7",HEARTBEAT/PULSE7, Super obscure powerpop.
Excellent powerpop with Massive guitar riffs and superreb vocals.
"The Car"はSpeed感充分のイケイケ必殺Powerpop!言わずと知れたPowerpop名曲)
LP ASEXUALS..Contemporary World (Canadian '85 Orig.LP w/insert ,PSYCHE INDUSTRY/PIR07, Melody
punk classic from Montreal/Canada. This is their hyper-melodic 2nd LP! Original pressing,
released on the Canadian HC/Punk label "Psyche Industry" records in '85. This LP includes
fantastic melody crackers with brilliant oh-oh-oh backing choruses and so on. Great !!)..
7" ATLANTICS..One Last Night / Television Girl
(UK '79 Orig.7", MCA RECORDS/MCA506,
 Fantastic summertime powerpop from Massachusetts. This 7" is 3rd & last single.
"One Last Night" is catchy melody with hand clapping & nice chorus!
This song appeared on POWERPEARLS #1. MCAと契約して最初のシングルとして本国USAでリリース
7" ATTENTAT..Stila Dej Inte EP(Swedish '79 Orig.3tr 7",RYKKMAN/RYKK2,Ahhhhh it's a cassic!
100% '77 punk with fast guitar riffs and powerful vocals,especially "Omyndiga" is
impossible-to-sit-down pogo punk with endless aahhaa's back chorus. 100% enjoyable!)..
7" B-SIDES..Invitation Of The Money Snatchers / Much Too Serious (Canadian '81 Orig.7",
RADIOACTIVE/U-24S, Fantastic skapop/powerpop/neoska from Canada!)....................
LP B-SIDES..Red To Black (Canadian '81 Orig.LP, RADIOACTIVE/LP102, Very nice neo ska band
from Canada. Catchy uptempo neo ska sounds!! Popでノリの良いB級Neo ska!)..............
7" BABIJ JAR..Ice Age / From Here To Eternity
(Norway '81 Orig.7", ZADO RECORDS/Z002, 500 copies only released. "Ice Age" appeared
on POWERPEARLS#4. Best powerpop from Norway. aaaaaaaahhhh Sha-la-la-baby!!)
7" BACK SEAT ROMEOS..Zero Ambition / In The Night (UK '80 Orig.7",FUTURE EARTH/FER007,
Real oginal issue & super clean condition!極上コンティションのオリジナル盤.Neo Mod/Powerpop名盤)
7" BAD MANNERS..Special R'n'B Party Four EP (UK '81 Orig.4tr 7"EP,MAGNET/MAG211,Gt.Ska!)...
7"EP BAITERS..Droga For Att Vaga EP (Swedish '79 Orig.3tr 7"EP,ATTACK/ATTACK01,This is their
1st 7" of two 7" released. Brilliant poppunk smashers from Stockholm. Title track
appears on "BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SWEDEN #2". "Raggare Ge Upp!" is real raw & powerful
punk cracker. "Falsk Reklam" is catchy poppunk stomper. Great Swedish punk classics)..
7" ED BANGER(ex.NOSEBLEEDS)..Kinnel Tommy / Baby Was A Baby (UK '78 Orig.7", RABID/TOSH106,
NOSEBLEEDSのVocalist ED BANGERのSolo第一弾. Pianoをfeat.したPunk Rock! Very British!)..
7" BASICS..Run By You (US '83 Orig.7" with Autographed slv, SOPHISTO UNION MUSIC/S-00A,
Self-released on their own label. The sleeve has been autographed by the members.
Very catchy powerpop/poppunk/neoska! 裏打ちGuitarをfeatした爽快ska powerpop!)..........
10"LP STIV BATORS(ex-DEAD BOYS)..Disconnected (US '93 Ltd.9tr Purple vivyl 10"LP w/insert,
BOMP!/BLP4043/10, Stiv Bators was the leader of the legendary punk band DEAD BOYS from
New York City. The “Disconnected” LP on 10" purple vinyl includes 9 fantastic melody
-makers like "A Million Miles Away" / "Evil Boy" / "Make Up Your Mind" / "Bad Luck
Charm" / "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" / "I Wanna Forget You" and more.
Original first pressing, released on famous US punk/powerpop label “Bomb” records
in 1993. Complete with insert. Very clean condition. Brilliant poppunk/powerpop.).....
7" STIV BATORS(ex.DEAD BOYS)..It's Cold Outside/The Last Year (GERMANY '79 Orig.7",LINE/
6.12609,Strawberry powerpop with charming vocals and endless summertime melodies,made
by the head of the legendary DEAD BOYS."It's Cold Outside" pressed on POWERPEALS #6 is
sweet as apple pie.Hard to find German release is slightly different P/S.Fantastic!!).
7" STIV BATORS(ex.DEAD BOYS)..Not That Way Anymore/Circumstantial Evidence (US '79 Orig.7",
BOMP/BMP128,Excellent US powerpop 2-sider made by ex DEAD BOYS singer.It's their 2nd of
two singles.Both songs are super catchy and sweet melody with charming vocals.Brillinat
powerpop!Endless summertime melody! still EX condition,Vinyl is super celan(M-))
7" BEN WAH TORPEDOS..Fingerprints(Love Addict) / Debbie's Like London (US '81 Orig.7",DEAD
STAN/UR2951,Powerpop meets melody punk.Loud,strong and powerful guitar riffs,aaahhh
backing chrous and stomping melodies makes"Debbie"a real winner.A-sider is good Mod
soundalike."Dead Stan"issued their only 7".Top Condition!!STIFF LITTLE FINGERSをもっと
powerpopにした感じのBrillinat powerpop!Many many aaaaahhh chrous&backing vocals!)......
LP PLASTIC BERTRAND..L'album (French '80 Orig.LP w/inner slv.,RKM/LAFT5004,DH,恋のパトカーで
ご存知Plastic Bertrandの80年作品.Super fantastic powerpop.鬼Pop揃いの傑作アルバム!必聴盤!).
LP BERURIER NOIR / GUERNICA..Nada / Gloco(French '83 Orig.Split 7tr LP w/Inner B451slv,
SHIN PRODUC/BNG01, Monster obscure punks from FRANCE. This is real original 1st issue
split LP! Super clean condition and complete with inner slv. Ultra hard to find!!
翌年BERURIER NOIRが単独でNADA 12"をreelaseしますが,こちらがOriginalとなります.)........
7" BETHNAL..We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place / The Outcome (UK '78 Orig.7",VERTIGO/BET1,
Brilliant powerpop/poppunk with hand-clapping and backing vocals.青春Powerpop!合唱もの!
DOORS的カッコイイGarage Soundからサビで一気に大爆発します!終盤に近づくと大合唱!!)......
LP CRAIG BEVAN & THE TOURISTS..Looking For A Label (US '80 Orig.LP,GENERIC/No Number,
Very rare released from 1980 on their own Generic Records. Amazing powerpop/punk
with buzzing & fluttering synth! Super fantastic. "MODERN BOYS" appears of the
American powerpop/pop-rock comiplation series "TEENLINE" #8.Highly Recommend!)....
7"EP BITCH BOYS..A'Capella Schumacher EP (Swedish '81 Orig.4tr 7"EP, SOS/SOS1059 Gt.Swedish
Punk!"Lordags Rebell" sounds like EBBA GARON in 1979/80 This is Swedish Sex Pistols!)
(US '77 Orig.10tr Split LP, CLONE RECORDS/CL001, Very famous rare US Punk item.
Amazing sloppy Punk 'N' Roll! Soundalike HEARTBREAKERS.
BIZARROS:Great US Punk! "I Bizarros" is Great Guitar Riff US Punk Classic.
RUBBER CITY REBELS:Very Nice US Punk! "Kidnaped" is Great Speedy Melodic Punk Song!)
LP BLADES..The Last Man In Europe (Irish '84 Orig.11tr LP w/Lylic Inner,REEKUS/RKLP1,Great
Photos on Inner Slv.青春Mod/Powerpop!Ultra brilliant!REFLECTION AOBタイプのCatchyで青春
7" BLANKS..The Northern Ripper (UK '79 Orig.3tr 7"EP, VOID/VOID1. Monster great Punk!
Bloodstains Across the UK #1にも収録されている強力punk classics. Super Clean Condition)
7"EP BLITZKRIEG BOP..Let's Go EP (UK '77 Orig.3tr 7"EP,LIGHTNING/GIL504,ring wear, Excellent
'77 punk from England.Blank Frank,Micky SicK and Nicky Knoxx kicked out three punk 7".
This fantastic platter is the band's 2nd single.The A-sider also appears on their 1st
7" on "Motorsound"records but the best song on this collectable "Lightning" release is
the punk smasher "Life Is Just A So-So" which includes raw & unfiltered guitar riffs.).
12" BLOTTO..Across And Down EP (US '80 Orig.4tr 12",BLOTTO/002,Hyper Catchy Melodic Powerpop
with handclapping,ohoohh uhuuhh backing vocals,chorus.鳥肌ものPowerpop!Brilliant!!DH)..
7" BONGOS..In The Congo / Mambo Sun (UK '81 Orig.7" w/Sticker,FETISH/FET005,Superclean copy
of great BONGOS 2-sider.They sound like the FEELIES.Complete with small sticker as
insert.PowerpopとNeo Acousticの両方の良さを兼ね備えた好内容.)..........................
7" BONGOS..Telephoto Lens / Glow In The Dark (UK '80 Orig.7",FETISH/FET003,Super melody-
makers on both sides.Excellent powerpop!特にflip sideは素晴らしい曲です.)..............
7" BONGOS..The Bulrushes / Automatic Doors (UK '81 Orig.7".FETISH/FET009,Wonderful melody
maker!the music si same style like the FEELIES.Pale Fountainsの1st"Just A Girl"を連想
させるSlv.といい素晴らしい内容です.Powerpop/Neo Acoustic両方の良さを堪能できます.).....
7" BOX OFFICE..Dans Le Bois / Ce Soir (French '80 Orig.7", BIRAM/2103 313, WOBC,
Very excellent uptempo catchy neoska from FRANCE! Great!Great!GreeeaaaattttttTTTT!)..
LP BOYS..Alternative Chartbusters (UK'78 Orig.LP w/Colour Photo Inner on NEWS/NEL6015 SOL).
7" BOYS..Brickfield Nights / Teacher's Pet (UK '78 Orig.7",NEMS/NES116,Gt.Punk Classics)...
7" BOYS..I Don't Care / Soda Pressing (UK '77 Orig.Debut 7",NEMS/NES102,Great Punk!).......
7" BOYS..Kamikaze / Bad Day (French '80 Orig.7" w/PS on SAFARI/SAF5002,Rare French issue)..
7" YOBS..Rub-A-Dum-Dum (UK '79 Orig.7" SAFARI, Brilliant Xmas Songs.Slv.もGood!必須盤!)....
7" YOBS..Run Rudolph Run (UK '77 Orig.7" w/PS on NEMS/NES114 THE BOYSの変名!!!)...........
7" BOYS..You Better More On / Kamikaze (Spanish '80 Orig.Rare Slv.7", SAFARI/02.239518
Diff Spanish Slv. & Diff flip track. Very collectable nice 7".)........................
7"EP BRUSET..Ett Fall For John Drake EP (Sweden '79 Orig.4tr 7"EP,GBG/GBG006,
This is their 2nd 7". Super great powerpop/poppunk! Higly recommended!
"Nittio Procent" is great fantastic powerpop with la-la-la & oh-oh-oh vocals ,
handclapping & really fine lead guitar. "Rik & Lycking" is great fresh poppunk!!!).
7" B.T.P.FOLDERS..Radio / All Of A Sudden (UK '80 Orig.7",FUTURE EARTH/FER005, Wow!Wow!
This 7" is real king of powerpop! Monster rare original & super clean condition!!!!
再入荷不可の極上コンディション! 再発盤やコンデイション悪のOriginal盤とは別格です.)...............
7" BUTTOCKS..BGS EP (GERMAN '80 Orig.4tr 7"EP,Konnekschen/KONS1,Super great punk classic
from 1980. 4 killers-no fillers! Pure punk music from Germany. Sharp as a razor blade.
Songs called "You" / "Bonanza" / "BGS" and "Kreatur". Released on famous punk label
"Konnekschen" records. Check out BLOODSTAINS ACROSS GERMANY #1 and #2. Great PS!!).....
7" BUTTOCKS..Vom Derbsten EP(GERMAN '80 Orig.4tr 7"EP w/Lylic Insert,Konnekschen/KONS3,Pure
punk terror.4 hits, no loser here. Pressed on legendary German punk label "Konnekschen"
records in 1980. Complete with insert. You can listen to the punk shockers. Brilliant
full-of-hate punk! "Kill The Pigs"."Law And Order"/"Army Life"and "Nein, Nein, Nein".).
7" CANDY APPLE..Stargaze/Instinction (US '80 Orig.7",SHAKE IT/ST003,Ba-ba-uuuh ba-ba-uuuh
backing vocals and clapping hands part make the A-sider a winner. "Stargazer" is
excellent guitar driven melody punk from Cincinnati. With female vocals,released on
the same label as CUSTOMS.Cool guns-on-mouth P/S. Powerpopファンも必聴のCool poppunk!)...
12" CARDBOARD BRAINS..Caesar Drives A Fast Car EP(Canadian '79 Orig.4tr 12"EP w/Lylic Insert
GUILT/CB-7979,For all KILLED BY DEATH fascists!!Amazing Punk meets New Wave!Super great
sounds!!傑作中の傑作.絶対必聴の1枚.Super clean condition with shrink!!)...............
7" CARTOONS..Lunchtime Love Affair/Dark Alleys (UK '80 Orig.7" ,HOT/HOT001, Super catchy
powerpop with horn & organ! soundalike REFLECTION AOB!青春Powerpop!Highly recommended).
7" CEE BEE BEAUMONT..For The Male Animal EP (GEM '95 Oriig.4tr 7"EP,LITTLE TEDDY/LiTe732
Great garage/moddy revival sounds!Super clean condition! Great three piece garage!)....
7" CHAIRMAN YOUTH..Uncertainty / Business Partners
(UK '81Orig.7",LAST DITCH/TRENCH1, Gt.British Punk Classics.
England Belongs To Me Vo.2に収録されています.)
7" CHECKMATE...Only Fools Pretend To Be Happy (French '79 Orig.Mega Rare 7" SWEET HARMONY
This is in fact one of the best & smartest melody Punk/Powerpop singles ever!必聴!)....
7" CHEESE..She said / Kids Don't Mind (US '79 Orig.7",B-B-BABY/S-72349,Rare and fantastic
powerpop from NYC.Charming vocals and fine melodies!Pressed on their private label,
they released this 7" only. CHHESE later formed SIC FUCKS.Super clean condition.
両面共素晴らしいPowerpopです。特にB面の"Kids Don't Mind"はAutographsタイプの青春大合唱!).
7" CHINA STREET..You're A Ruin / (I wanna Be)Your M.P. (UK '78 Orig.7",CRIMINAL/CRM1,Very
famous original punk classics.Excellent guitar riff punks!Very nice!基本中の基本.).......
7" CIGARETTES..They're Back Again,Here They Come EP (UK '79 Orig.3tr 7",COMPANY/CIGCO008,
Legendary Mod/Punk classic. Title Track appears on KILLED BY DEATH #7 and BACK TO FRONT
#2.Both B-siders are wonderful Mod/Punk smasher too.Supre Rare 7"!Super brilliant 7".
There are coffee stains on slv. And red colour appears on slv.But very nice record!)....
7" CINECYDE..Gutless Radio / My Doll (US '77 Orig.7" w/original lylic insert,TREMOR/TR001,
slv have a ring wear but totally ex- condition, Vinyl is very clean condition. This 7"
is their debut 7" and released on their "TREMOUR RECORDS". Gt.KBD Punk from DETROIT!!
Gt.Guitar riff punk. Very hard to find this 7". This 7" is their best and rarest.)....
LP CLASH..Clash (UK '77 their debut 14tr LP,CBS/32232,歴史的名盤!アナログで欲しい1枚).....
2LP CLASH..London Calling (Holland '79 Double LP w/Inner Slvs.,CBS/88478(CLASH3),歴史に残る
名盤! Inc.London Calling,Jimmy Jazz,Clampdown,The Guns Of Brixton,Train In Vain.&more)
7" COCKNEY 'N' WESTERNS(ex.BOYS)...She's No Angel (UK '80 Orig.7" BEG39 BOYSのメンバー3人在籍)
LP CODE BLUE..Code Blue (US '80 Orig.LP w/original inner slv, WARBER BROS/BSK3461,
疾走感溢れるEnergetic&melodic powerpop名盤!Neo Mods/Neo Ska/Poppunkの要素もあります.)
7"EP NIKKI CORVETTES & THE CONVERTIBLES..Young And Crazy EP (US '77 Orig.3tr 7"EP with great
picture slv,JUVENILE DELIQUENT/JD001,Only 1000 copies were originally pressed with PS.
This 7"EP is their 1st. Super strawberry candy pop!Hyper Catchy!説明不要の名盤!
"Back Seat Love"はこの7"のみのOriginal Versionです.Slv.も最高!)........................
7" CRACK..Don't You Ever Let Me Down / I Can't Take It (UK '82 Orig.7",RCA/RCA214,A Real
Melody-maker and a must for ever punk & powerpop collector.So Gooood!FIRST CARSが好き
なら要Check!ノリが良く青春してます.ahahahah chorusもカッコ良いしMelodyも良し.推薦!).....
7" CRIMSON SHADOWS..Out Of My Mind(French '85 Orig.Red Vinyl 7" WEED008 Gt.Swedish Garage!)
7" CULT MANIAX..Blitz/Lucy Looe (UK '82 Orig.7",ELEPHANT ROCK/ER001,Very powerful&fantastic
loud pogp punk from UK.This is their 2nd 7" and real 1st pressing on "ELEPHANT ROCK".
Superb & very melodic!Real pogo punk crackers!! Amazing Punk Vocals!!Great!)............
7" CURSE..Shoeshine Boy / The Killer Bees (Canadian '78 Orig.7",HI-FI HF001/HF002,Female
Punks from TRONTO.Great punk music from Canada. B-side track "The Killer Bees“appears
on one of the KILLED BY DEATH comps.Please Note:there's also a ringwear on sleeve.)...
7"EP CUSTOMERS..Hold Me EP (CANADA '80 Orig.5tr 7"EP, CUSTOMERS/CU001,
Very nice indiepop/powerpop/skapop from TORONTO. Very rare self-released 7"EP.)....
7" CYKLON B..Kris / En Grogg Till (Swedish '79 Orig.7",EGO/CB-1,Super rareb one here! Only
300 copies of this extremely rare Swedish Punk soundalike 2-tracker on private label do
exist.Again,release 300 only!The A-sider apperas of the great KILL BY DEATH #50.
The B-sider is great cover song "Won't Get Fooled Again"The Who. sung Swedish lylics.)..
7" DAMNED..Neat Neat Neat (UK '77 Orig.Laminated Slv.3tr 7",STIFF/BUY10,Gt.Punk Classics!).
LP NAZ NOMAD & THE NIGHTMARES..Give Daddy The Knife Cindy (UK '84 Orig.LP WIK21 =DAMNED)...

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